Administrative Tasks

Preferred time: 9am-4:30pm daily.  Mondays preferred. 
Skills needed: Basic reading and writing abilities

Phone Calls:  If you don’t mind calling people on the telephone, we can definitely use your help.  In the lobby we have binders that list people who need called so we can check on the status of their new pet. We typically try to contact each adopter within 30 days of their adoption to see how they are doing with their new best friend. The phone calls are quick and easy, usually lasting only 5 minutes. We want to ensure sure they are happy with their new pet and that we are not leaving them with questions unanswered.  A script is provided to guide you along during the conversation. 

We also call all of the lost and found pet inquiries we receive.  There is a binder for both the lost and found pets.  We take time to look through both binders and try to find matches between them. We also do follow-up calls to see if the pets have found homes.  A script is provided to guide you along during the conversation. 
Personal cell phones are encouraged to be used, but not required. 

Emails:  Periodically, we may need assistance with sending emails.  If you are comfortable using a computer and have basic typing skills, we could use your help.  

Filing:  We can always use help filing papers away in the proper location in our office area.

Pet Care Package Kits

Preferred time: Any time; can be done outside of the shelter

Preparing Pet Care Package Kits:  Before each newly adopted animal leaves, it will receive a bag of goodies to enjoy in its forever home.  These bags often consist of coupon books, samples from vendors and/or pet food, all of which are tailored to fit the animal you are adopting.  We also include information about our Tree of Life program and membership program. 

Because this is a time and space consuming activity, we usually organize this with more than one volunteer, about once a month or so. If you are interested in helping do this for us, please let us know so we can make arrangements to have all of the items out and ready for stuffing.  Please note that this is something that can easily be done outside of the shelter.  This makes a great activity for scout troops and service groups.

Pet Food Pantry

Preferred time: 9am-4:30pm daily for preparing bags.  10:30am-4:30pm for distribution of bags to public. 
Skills needed:  Basic reading and writing abilities for distribution of bags.

Preparing Bags for Distribution:  Bags of dog and cat food are prepared weekly so that we may assist those pet owners who are struggling financially and cannot afford to feed their pets. 

Distribution of Bags:  Every Thursday, we distribute bags of dog and cat food to pet owners in need of assistance.  Bags of food are prepared ahead of time.  Volunteers will need to check ID, current address, and proof that the animal has been spayed or neutered before bags can be given away to individuals.

Foster Care

Preferred time:
Skills needed:   Patience and commitment
*Must fill out a Foster application. 

Providing Foster Care:  We are looking for people willing to provide an animal with a private and quiet home environment.   Animals that are placed in foster care include very young kittens, puppies and dogs that need special care and/or rehab in a home setting.

Donation Pick Ups

Preferred time: Varies according to item
Skills needed:  Must have valid driver’s license and provide vehicle

Food Pick Ups:  Often we are in need of assistance in picking up food donations that have been collected and donated by local businesses and dropping these items off at the shelter.

Donation Box Pick Ups:  We have locked donation boxes around the city that need emptied regularly.  Volunteers are responsible for counting the money and bringing it back to the shelter.  Each box requires bi-monthly pickups.  We have plenty of boxes for additional locations, as long as each is emptied regularly by a volunteer. 

Donated Goods Drop Off:  We collect ink cartridges, aluminum cans, and books, among other items.  All of these items can be taken to the appropriate site, where we will then receive money.   We are always in need of a volunteer to collect these items from the shelter and take to the proper location.

Outdoor Maintenance Tasks

Preferred time: 9am-4:30pm daily
Skills needed: Working knowledge of lawn maintenance equipment (if mowing, spin trimming)

Outside Yards:  Volunteers are used to help maintain the outside yards for the dogs. We have three yards in the back where staff and volunteers take the dogs out to go to the bathroom and exercise. We welcome help ensuring the yards are free of feces and other debris such as trash.   Volunteers are trained to bleach the yards at the ends of each day and maintain the water buckets for the dogs.   Additionally in the summer, we have swimming pools for the dogs, and we love help keeping the water nice and fresh.
Weeding/Landscaping: We always can use help keeping the weeds under control in the summer months. Areas to focus on include the garden area in front of the shelter and the outdoor kennel area.   Additionally, volunteers can assist with mowing the grass.

Trash/Parking Lot:  Volunteers are always needed to help maintain the overall cleanliness of our outdoor property. 

Shoveling/Salting:  During the winter months we need help with shoveling/salting all of the sidewalks including the outdoor kennel areas.  This is to prevent staff, guests and animals from slipping.

Indoor Maintenance Tasks

Preferred time: 9am-4:30pm daily
Skills needed: Must not be allergic to dust.  Litter containers can weigh up to 25 lbs and filling litter pans may require lots of bending over.   Many of these tasks are great for those with disabilities. 

Basic Housekeeping: There are many jobs here at the ACSPCA that are just like those at home. Pictures and shelves need dusted, cabinets need wiped down, the floors need swept, and windows always need cleaning. These jobs are typically taken care of by our staff members, but if you see something that could use a good cleaning, feel free to do so.
Litter Pans:  One area we always love help with is keeping our litter pans filled and ready for the days we do complete cleans (2x weekly). 

To fill the litter pans, we use 2 bowls of clay litter per large litter pan, and one bowl of clay litter per small or cardboard litter pan. Once filled, stack the pans on the table, and move onto the next litter box and repeat.

Laundry:  Laundry is an area that we always need help with! Our washer and dryer are industrials. The washer administers the correct amount of detergent and bleach to every wash.  To use the washer please fill with dirty laundry, until you would have enough space for a football. Please place any collars or small cat toys in a pillowcase. When the door closes it will latch shut. Press button # 6 first and then press the green button to start the wash.  Once the wash cycle is finished it will say “done”. To open the washer press down on the white button located above the door, during the same time press the red button on the latch and open.  Once the load is in the dryer please set to 40 minutes to dry and 10 minutes to cool and press start. A staff member will show you were each individual item is stored once folded.
Dishes:  All dishes are to be washed in diluted bleach soapy water. Please wash bowls and toys separately from litter pans or scoops.  Please allow bowls and toys to soak in the water for at least 10 minutes before starting to lather and rinse.

Cleaning litter pans: All litter pans are to be free of litter and feces.  Please rinse/spray boxes to take off any remaining feces or litter in the large dog sink in the kennels. Soak litter pans in diluted bleach soapy water. Once the pan has been soaked with the bleach water and scrubbed clean, please rinse and allow to air dry.

Break room and socialization room: Please wipe down all surfaces in both rooms with a disinfectant cleaner, clean glass on doors and take out any trash/recycle. Both rooms are swept and mopped with diluted bleach water.

Back lobby floor: The floor is to be thoroughly swept. Foot baths located in front of kennel door and socialization room need to be rinsed and refilled with diluted bleach water. Once all areas in the back have been swept please mop with diluted bleach water. Once the area is dry, place the foot baths in their assigned areas along with a clean towel next to them.

Crates:  Crates need to be washed thoroughly with diluted bleach water. Please scrub all surfaces of the crate and rinse. Once all crates are dry please store in appropriate area in the garage.

General Maintenance Tasks:  As needed.  Providing your own tools is allowed and encouraged, but not a requirement.

Garage Tasks

Preferred time: 9am-4:30pm daily.  Please note that you will need to arrange ahead of time with staff to ensure the van is available if you desire to clean it. 
Skills needed: Must not be allergic to dust.  These tasks may require constant bending over and some lifting of up to 50 lbs. 

Garage Tidying:  We definitely want help with keeping our garage clean and clutter free.   We have dedicated a table outside the garage where donations are to be placed until they are properly put away. We typically receive a lot of pet food donations, which we try to keep up off the floor. There are several places food can be placed. If you notice bags of food on the floor please find a place for it in one of the designated areas. All other pet related items are first sorted through by staff for things we are able to keep for our animals at the shelter. All other items go into areas for our Pet Food Pantry giveaways on Thursdays. We also have an area for cleaning supplies, trash bags, dish soap, etc.
The garage can never be swept enough. If you notice food pieces on the floor please use a broom and dustpan to sweep them up and dispose of them in the trash. The trash in the garage needs to be taken out at least weekly depending on how full it gets.

The area to the left after you walk into the garage is storage for the food we feed our animals here at the shelter. If you notice any of the brands we feed in the pet food donation pile please put them over with our food piles.
We also get other donations such as books, ink cartridges, and cans. Please make sure these are in the proper locations and if it looks like the area is getting full please see a staff member who will call for those items to be picked up.

Van Tidying:  We always need help cleaning out our van. Check the van for any crates in the back. Most likely these crates will need to be cleaned. Also if there is spilled food or debris in the van you can sweep it out.

Dog Enrichment

Preferred time: 9am- 4:30pm daily
Skills needed: Must attend ACSPCA dog orientation


Dog Walking:  We love being able to provide one-on-one attention with each dog at the shelter.  Since the dogs spend the majority of time in their kennels, health and behavior problems can arise if dogs do not get enough exercise and interaction with humans.  Dog-walking is something that is enjoyable yet also rewarding for the dogs.  Whether it is a short stroll down the street, or a longer walk around the neighborhood, we would love if you can devote time, no matter the duration, to taking a dog for a walk.

Dog Visiting:  If walking dogs is not possible for you, we also encourage people to come sit with the dogs and spend time with them. 

Dog Grooming/Brushing:  Clean brushes/combs are kept on the far toy area of the kennels. They are marked in a bucket. You may brush any dog you like that is available for adoption.

Cat Enrichment

Preferred time: 9am- 4:30pm daily for socialization; Monday or Tuesday 8-10am for offsite cat care
Skills needed: Must attend ACSPCA cat orientation


Cat Socialization:  There is a huge need for shelter cats to be well socialized.  By providing time with them, you can help stimulate them and help ease the stress of its current environment, which can make them more adoptable.   Brushes are provided so you can offer them basic grooming care as well.  Toys are also provided for play. 

Offsite Cat Care:  Our satellite cat adoption locations utilize volunteers to provide enclosure cleaning, litter changing, feeding, watering and socialization.   This requires a committed individual(s).  Please note that this occurs on Mondays or Tuesdays between 8-10am.  Additional training is required.

Community Events

Preferred time:  Events usually occur on weekends.  
Skills needed:   Must shadow an outreach event with an experienced volunteer ahead of time.  Many events require the transportation and caring of a dog. 

Outreach Events:  Volunteers are needed to represent the ACSPCA at outreach events, interact with the public at fairs and expos, and assist at other community events according to your abilities and talents. 

Special Events and Fundraising: Help is needed in planning and executing fundraisers, as well as in securing both in-kind and monetary donations.  If interested, it is recommended that you join the appropriate committee.