We acknowledge those who recently passed and remembered the Allen County SPCA in their memorials. We thank their friends and family who honored their memory with a donation to the Allen County SPCA. Their dedication to our mission is the foundation for our work here.

In Memory Of Our Pets

Abby, beloved dog of The Rejeuvcan Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Bart, beloved pet MaryAnn Ternet
BooBoo Kitty, beloved cat of Kimberly and Kenneth Kenneth and Kimberly Klerner
Brodie, beloved dog of The Nims Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Brody, beloved dog of Tina Harris Jennifer Milles
Buster, beloved dog of The Gajdos Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Dudley Kurtz, beloved pet of Eric and Diane Kurtz Jeffrey Teeple
Flynt Myers-Ashe, beloved pet Lindsay Dixson
Goldie, beloved pet of Sue Sells Sue Tucker
Heidi, beloved dog of The Jacobs Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Hercules, beloved dog of The Porter Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Jango, beloved dog of Carol Dellinjer Marc Levy
Jax, beloved cat of Mexaline Mateo Clara Collazo
Kat Mandoo, beloved cat of The Close Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Little Tom, beloved cat Mary Ann Landis
Lizzy, beloved dog of The Wagner Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Molly, beloved dog of The Thom Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Nala, beloved pet Linda Powell
Phibi, beloved cat of the Koehlinger Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Phoenix, beloved dog of The Moore-Palm Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Ragen, beloved dog Kathleen Leach
Reba, beloved dog of Diane and Salome Bey Salome and Diana Bey
Ruby, beloved cat of The Johns Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Shadow, beloved cat of Lori McCutcheon Susan Schaefer
Spanky, beloved cat of The Scheerer Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Tallulah, beloved dog of The Bruggeman Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Tobie, beloved dog of Amy and Lon Lehman Terra Schmidt
Yum Yum, beloved cat of The Smith Family St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital

In Honor Of

In Honor of Anna Merriman's Birthday Anonymous Donors
In Honor of Anna Merriman's Birthday Anonymous Donors
In Honor of Greg and Sue Rochstroh's anniversary Ruth Lebrecht
In Honor of Keith Elchert for his love of Mia and his support for the Allen County SPCA Richard and Shirley Weston
In Honor of Lauren Ruoff's 16th Birthday David and Judith Ruoff
in Honor of Marion Deeg Mark and Karen Kraning
In Honor of Scott Gray's Birthday Marion and Beryl Gray
In Honor of The Waynedale Animal Clinic for the care proved to beloved dog, Scooby, of Sharon Conrad Sharon Conrad

In Memory Of

Randy Reichert, John and Sandy Fortson
Joann Gage, Mark and Donna Feightner
Joann Gage, Milton Karsten
Joann Gage, Mary Ann Armey
Anita Detmer, Neal Mark and Debra Whitmoyer
Barbara Ferguson, Janet Naugle
Barbara Ferguson, Elizabeth Singleton
Carol Penhollow, Dell Ford
Carter Fleck, Brandon Ellert
Chad Michael Fickle, Suzie Cahn
Colter Schlatter, Beth Lauer
Colter Schlatter, Karen Pressler
Colter Schlatter, Employees of the Allen County Public Library
Colter Schlatter, Norman and Sonia Myers
Dan Sery, Frances Turner
Daniel Sery, Renee Cook
Daniel Sery, Harlan and Ann Altena
Daniel Sery, Fort Wayne Mold & Engineering
Delores Peck, Christine Sielert
Delores Peck, Lester and Carolyn Meyer
Delores Peck, Mike and Susie Wilson
Donald Byanski, Stev and Karen Ball
Donald Byanski, Thomas Voytek
Donald Byanski, James and Helen Ball
Donald Byanski, Bertha Belden
Dorothy J. Frary, Jeff and Janet Himes
Doug Geller, Marcia Geller
Eleanor McKibben, David and Susan Schenkel
Eleanor McKibben, Harold and Barbara Connell
Eleanor McKibben, Ron and Bonnie Straessle
Eleanor McKibben, Peggy Roekm
Eleanor McKibben, Steve and Norma Campbell
Eleanor McKibben, Melody, Jeremy, Sarah Couture
Eleanor McKibben, Simon and Donna Dragan
Eleanor McKibben, Jay and Patricia Jackson
Eleanor McKibben, Jean Stayanoff
Eleanor McKibben, Brenn and Johanna Arklie
Eleanor McKibben, Michael and Mary Ann Ziembo
Eleanor McKibben, Leamon and Joyce Williams
Eleanor McKibben, Courtland and Katrina Newcomb
Eleanor McKibben, Ronald and Diana Richards
Elmer Riefers, Luke Meyer
Elmer Riefers, Lori Wachtman
Emma Mildred, Kurt and Kathleen Westman
Emma Mildred, Rich Wright
Emma Mildred, Anonymous Donors
Emma Mildred, Mitch and Cindy McKinney
Emma Mildred, Nik and Vanessa Nakos
Emma Mildred, Don and Sharon Disque
Emma Mildred, Dave and Ginny Sheets
Emma Mildred, Gina Dreyfus
Emma Mildred, Larry and Melissa Jackson
Emma Mildred, Kenneth Till
Emma Mildred, James and Cathy McFadden
Emma Mildred, Joyce Maines
Emma Mildred, Marc and Christine Lechleitner
Emma Mildred, Pam Gorrell
Emma Mildred, Richard and Julie Samek
Emma Mildred, Daniel and Maryanne Logan
Emma Mildred, Wade and Teresa Fromholt
Ericka Anderson, Kathryn Anderson
Floyd Oakman, Jo Rohleder
Floyd Oakman, Todd and Kathryn Martinkovic
Floyd Oakman, Michael and Barbara Schott
Helen Ahlersmeyer, Frances Headings
Helen Aslersmeyer, Jerry Strope
Helen Aslersmeyer, Patrick and Kay Jones
Helen Lantz, Richard Kriz
James Garmire, Albert and Sharon Wells
James Garmire, Farmers State Bank C/O Trust Dept.
Jan Reed, John and Jody Long
Joann Gage Coventry Villas Social Committee
Joe Flores, Delmar and Celia Kerney
Joe Flores, James Herber
Joe Flores, Terry and Linda Pattee
Joe Flores, Roger and Marlene Pier
Joe Flores, Cheryl Wagers
Joe Flores, Daryl and Patricia Butler
Joe Flores, Joan Heltz
Joe Lebrato Study Elementary School Staff
Joyce Ellen O'riordan Richard And Fiona Paterson-Schultz
Kenneth Zimmerman, Jerry and Judith Korte
Kim Reber, St. Therese Catholic Church
Kimberly Cragun-Reber, Michelle North
Kimberly Cragun-Reber, St. Therese Catholic Church
Kimberly Cragun-Reber, Donald Caudill
Kimberly Cragun-Reber, Fort Wayne Pediatrics
Kimberly Cragun-Reber, Kent and Amy Litchin
Kimberly Cragun-Reber, Suzanne Dunn
Larry Brockman, Chris and Michelle Ruppert
Larry McCague, Mary Jackson
Larry McCague, Nancy Pickering
Larry McCague, Anonymous Donors
Larry McCague, Michael and Cheryl Nicolet
Marian Cecil, Jerry Strope
Mary Klemm, Jean Stayanoff
Nora Shirk-Kauder, Ronald and Brenda Lausch
Oscar Quintero, Michael and Linda Handlin
Oscar Quintero, Bruce and Carla Smith
Oscar Quintero, Maria Aguirre
Patricia Ann (Rentschler) Fisher, Anonymous Donor
Rose Mary Urbine, Lloyd Urbine
Sheila Buckles, BFN Planning Dept
Stacy Langmeyer, Matthew Rice
Vicki Woehnker, Kara Bishop
Vicki Woehnker, Elizabeth Burrell
Vicki Woehnker, Michael Lewis
Vicki Woehnker, George and Teresa Steinacker
Vicki Woehnker, Robert and Kathleen Chinn
Vicki Woehnker, Debra Stansbury
Vicki Woehnker, Matt and Anne Henry
Vicki Woehnker, Donald and Vera Reider
Vicki Woehnker, Stephan Pepple
Vicki Woehnker, Timothy Robison
Vicki Woehnker, Kim and Susan Spielman
Vicki Woehnker, Aimee Lackey
Vicki Woehnker, Rex and Carol Moehring
Vicki Woehnker, Paulette Bremer
Vicki Woehnker, J.D. and Evelyn Guinn
Vicki Woehnker, Michael and Mary Beth Mungovan
Vicki Woehnker, Sharlene Rodenbeck
Vicki Woehnker, Susan Harrington
Vicki Woehnker, Stanley and Cheryl Colligan
Vicki Woehnker, Randall and Gayle Westfall
Vicki Woehnker, Nick and Carol Woehnker
Vicki Woehnker, Sarah Doehla
Vicki Woehnker, Deanna Stetzel
Vicki Woehnker, Janis Lackey
Vicki Woehnker, Janice Bradley
Vicki Woehnker, Philip and Eva Hughes
Vicki Woehnker, William and Marguerite Fitch
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Lorrie Ball
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Jan Schofield
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Michele Brown
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Rebecca Laughlin
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Gregory And Julie Eley
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Diana Dudley
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Nancy Connavino
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Brian Givin
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Kathy Zahorik
Victoria Lee (Hillenburg) Woehnker, Monty and Janna Hocker
Viola Brown, Gerald and Margaret Owens
Viola Brown, Joanne Grueb
Viola Brown, James and Diane Buffenbarger

Want to help
homeless animals?


Our center is always on the lookout for supplies that will help keep our dogs and cats healthy, safe and happy. From food to toys, we welcome a number of items that will give our fur friends a comfortable lifestyle. Some items can be purchased directly from our wishlist on Just follow the links.

Special Needs
• Multi-cat enclosed playpen/cage
Dog agility equipment set

Special Enrichment Items
• Training dog treats
• Soft dog treats
• Adaptil and feliway in spray bottle
• Feliway plug-in diffuser with refills
• Peanut butter

Housekeeping Needs
• Batteries
• Disinfectant spray such as Lysol
• Hand sanitizer
• Dish detergent
• 39 gal or larger trash bags
• Tall kitchen trash bags
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper
• Resealable plastic bags - quart or gallon size
• 4” x 4” gauze pads

Office Needs
• Postage stamps
• Address labels- white 1" x 2 5/8"
• White & color copy paper
• Duct tape
• Zip ties - medium/heavy duty
• Radient space heater for the feline isolation unit

Cat & Dog Needs
• Box lids from copy paper cases (for disposable litter boxes)
• Heavy weight paper bowls for medication
• Egg cartons
• Dog squeaky toys
• Martingale-style collars (medium & large sizes)
• Kennel slipleads
Stainless steel pet pails
• Made in the USA rawhide chews
Kuranda dog beds
Kuranda Vinyl cat perches
Screw on cage food & water bowls
Disposable cat scratchers
• Covered cat play houses (no carpeting)
Kitty condos
Kitty Kongs
• Gift cards to PETCO, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, & Green DogGoods

Our Cat & Dog Food
We feed our dogs and cats the following food while in our care.
• Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin (cats & dogs)
• Science Diet Puppy Healthy Growth
• Science Diet Kitten Food
• Science Diet canned kitten & adult cat food

For Our Community Pet Food Donation program
• Dog and cat food, dry or canned

• Aluminum cans, cell phones, laptops, iPods, empty ink & toner cartridges

* We do not take comforters or pillows. (Some of our dogs like to chew the stuffing out of them.)

Donations may be dropped off during our regular business hours.


Article written by volunteer Debra Lockhart

I’ve been volunteering with a local rescue for about a year now and have loved every minute of it. In the past year, I’ve transported dogs, helped rescue dogs off of a chain, helped a dog give birth, adopted and said goodbye as some of my favorites have found their forever home. I’ve gotten to know some dogs more than others and have cheered nearly every adoption and only shed a tear or two for a few who have especially touched me in some way.

Still, there was something missing. This rescue is foster based, and at this time that is the one thing I’m not able to do, so most of my interactions come from adoption events or transport services. If I could bring my dog to work with me things might be different, because sometimes you just need to hug a dog or play with a kitty, so I began volunteering at our local SPCA. I figured that they were located close enough to my office that I could spend a lunch hour or two each week relaxing in the company of a furry little friend under the guise of helping them while in all actuality, reaping the benefits that come with cuddling a pet. Orientation was in two parts so after part one, I was able to ‘socialize with cats’ and I spent a good portion of a lunch hour on the floor of a kitty room getting and giving some soft purr-y love.

Part two allowed us to interact with the dogs and there was a special boy whom I met at both orientations and I was eager to go back and really interact with him on my first “dog day.” Its funny how a dog (or any animal, really) can grab your heartstrings and how it varies from person to person as to who that special furry pal may be. A fellow volunteer nudged me and pointed at a dog, “That’s my dog. I’m going to adopt that one.” “Hmmm, cute dog, nothing special,” I thought. He or she was the kind of dog I might not have given a second glance at if I weren’t here to generally socialize with the dogs.

In the kennel next to “her dog” was the special someone who had me at first glance. Truth be told, “special boy” is not usually someone who would grab my attention… except he did. He was just a medium sized dog, medium hair, medium build but with a deep chest and funny white paws that were too big for his body. (As a further testament to how perception skews what we actually see, he is listed as a large dog with long hair.) There was nothing exceptional… but his eyes. Ah, those soulful cinnamon eyes peering at me over the chew toy he hopefully offered me, they had me at hello.

article continued...


Kitty Hall
Friday, May 26
11 AM-1 PM
Citizens Square

Petco Adoption Event
June 3
11 AM-1 PM
315 E. Coliseum Blvd.

Volunteer Orientation
June 15
5:30 - 6:30 PM
Downtown Public Library
Click here to register.

Great Cat Takeover
June 17 & 18
12 noon-3 PM
Pet Supplies Plus
4714 Coldwater Road
Meet adoptable cats!

Northern Indiana Pet Expo
June 24 & 25, 2017
11 AM 4 PM
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN