We acknowledge those who recently passed and remembered the Allen County SPCA in their memorials. We thank their friends and family who honored their memory with a donation to the Allen County SPCA. Their dedication to our mission is the foundation for our work here.

In Memory Of Our Pets

8-16-17 thru 11-30-17

Audi, beloved dog of Ronald and Mary Roberts
August Ringger, beloved pet of Casey Ringger
Beloved dog of Casey and Joe Miller by Cheryl Bumgardner
Bonkers, beloved cat of Julie and Joe Bandor by Vickie Keaney
Chloe, beloved cat of Suzanne Scherer
Cooper of Brittany Mishler
Dasher Inlow, beloved pet of Lindsay Dixson
Diablo, Chablis, Merlot and Syrah, beloved kitties of Steve and Gloria Meyer
Ditto, beloved dog of Sue Schaefer by Frank and Lori McCutcheon
Harold, beloved cat of Frank and Nancy Hudson
Blue "BooBoo" and Peanut "NuttButt" McKenzie by Phil and Lydia McKenzie
Jack "Tigerbeats" of Chad and Elizabeth Eckland
Jack, Romy and Sitka Christoff, beloved pets of Kaitlin Fumarolo
Libby, beloved dog of Terry and Lori Hardy
Libby, beloved dog of Terry and Lori Hardy by Frank and Nancy Hudson
Lola, beloved dog of Paul and Nancy Gerding
Mariah, beloved cat of Linda Lauer by Beth Lauer and Nancy Kilduski
Ollie, beloved cat of Carolyn DeVoe by Terra Schmidt
Riley, beloved dog of Bradley and Cindy Wilson Ryan
Church "Brown Dog" of Angela Manes
Sophia Lehman of The Haba Family
Sophie, beloved dog of Michael and Anne Marie Dammeyer
Sophie, beloved dog of Leslie & Greg Ludwiski by Anonymous Donors
Ziggy Lapp, beloved pet of Raven de Leon-Loverde

In Honor Of Our Pets

8-16-17 thru 11-30-17

Cinnamon and Cypress, beloved cats of Jerome Young
Leo, beloved cat of Dawn Reese
Ralphie, beloved dog of Fred Fritch by Ruth Reighter
Solomon and Harper, beloved pet of Virginia Harter

In Honor Of

8-16-17 thru 11-30-17

Greg Smith by Brittany Smith
Janell Zuber from the QC Dept by Terri McEvoy
Raeanne's birthday by Gina Heyerly
Melissa Gibson's birthday by Don and Annette Lieberum
Andrea Newell's birthday by Bernard and Cynthia Newell
Leetah's birthday by Leetah Straley
Ziggy's birthday by Ziggy Straley
Sahana Colglazier's 5th birthday by Joel and Aarti Colglazier
Jane Threl's birthday by Sue Galloway
Henry Morris' 1st birthday by Lydia Morris

In Memory Of

8-16-17 thru 11-30-17

Wanda Howell by Walter and Candace Fredericks
Rose Carpenter by Susan Anderson
Ericka Anderson by Kelly Heissel
Edwina Snyder by Erin Heissel
Edwina Snyder by Janet Hardman-Mahoney
Alice Flitcraft by Lisa Maples
Alice Flitcraft by Judith Hoeft
Terry Peden by Roberta Benard
Terry Peden by Wesley and Stacy Spiess
Terry Peden by Maryl DeCarlo
Terry Peden by Scott and Christa Williams
Terry Peden by Christopher Jordan
Terry Peden by Carla Holdgreve
Terry Peden by Suzanne Martin
Terry Peden by Jerome Henry
Rose Johnston by Howie and Patti Punzel
Gerald Harvey by Tim and Selma Hough
Gerald Harvey by Kim and Susan Spielman
Gerald Harvey by Sue Sells
Alice Flitcraft by Michael and Debra Shie
Alice Flitcraft by Lynn and Carol Cocklin
Alice Flitcraft by Charles and Patty Niedermeyer
Alice Flitcraft by Ken Hardma Carolyn Codamo
Alice Flitcraft by Randall and Tamalee Miller
Lucy Miller by Linda Willey
James Simon by Ed and Vonda Treace
James Simon by Linda Simon
James Simon by Neva Bayliss Family
Stephanie Dunsire by Thomas and Kathy Eland
Terry Peden by Barbara Scott
John Koos by Timothy Thurston
S. Henry Quinn by Nedrick Miller
Stephanie Dunsire by Ruth Reighter
Fred Fritch by Parkview Regional Medical Center
Earl Torrence by Mary Weaver
Harry Scoot III by Teri Niedermeyer
Alice Flitcraft by Catherine Simoneaux
Harry Scott by Nancy Heyman
Betty Heyman by Douglas Perry
James Simon by Diane Hofer
Lawrence Auker by Jean Dray
Lawrence Auker by Paul and Nancy Gerding
Dan Auker by Timothy and Marcia Meyer
Larry Koos by William and Carole Koos
Larry Koos by Beverly Carney
Eugene and Shirley Winans by Doug Smith
Eugene and Shirley Winans by Michael Loomis
Eugene and Shirley Winans by Sue Baker
Stephen Leacock by Margaret Leacock
Stephen Leacock by Alfred and Nancy Barrand
Judith Dick by Bernard and Judith Hay
Judith Dick by Sharon Conrad
Richard Walker by P. Chris and Jacque Mickel
Robert Brooks by Anonymous Donors
Larry Zeman by Mary Green
Bernard Kimes by Virgil Kimes Carolyn Sinclair
Bernard Kimes by Gregg Feiertag
Bernard Kimes by Sharon Smith
Robert Stoller by Joanne Weber
RObert Stolelr by Gina's Razor Sharp Designs, LLC
Pamela Wood by Kenneth and Marlene Ott
Renee Cottier by Richard and Sue Keirns
Milton Turner by Michael and Gayle Randolph
Milton Turner by Jacqueline Gay
Bean, Kitten by Linda Sarrazin
Nadine Gardner by Marvene Kelty
Kathryn Jagodzinski by Janet Johnson
Kathryn Jagodzinski by Tom and Ann Borne
MAry Hoffman-Farrant by GIS, Inc.
Norman Myers by Kenneth and Kimberly Klerner
Evelyn Kuehner by Sara Shady
Norman Myers by DeAnna Vorndran
Phyllis Hall by Heather Lauer
Christine Brisentine by Christine Toldt
Earl Torrence by Graber, Inc.
Norman Myers by John and Patricia Weicker
Don Evans by Harris & Associates
Norman Myers by Roger and Sharon Hanson
Sylvia Broughton by James and Patricia Garstka
Kathy Jagodinski by Warren and Linda Howard
Marilyn Schaab by Ward and Linda Miller
Marilyn Schaab by Sue Boxell
Marilyn Schaab by Betty Osborn
Marilyn Schaab by Anonymous Donors
Sylvia Broughton by Anonymous Donors
Pamela Wood by Anonymous Donors
Norman Myers by Greg Chess
Keith Davis by Rita Linder
Helen Archacki by Angela Clark
Helen Archacki by John and Julie Karakaian
Helen Archacki by John and Toni Printzos
Helen Archacki by Corine Kline
Helen Archacki by Cari Wright
Helen Archacki by Patrick and Patricia Kiel
Helen Archacki by Lester and Patricia Schinnerer
Norman Myers by Doug and Aimee Davis
in memory Norman Myers by Glen and Carolyn Grate
Norman Myers by Michael and Ellen Sorg
Norman Myers by Richard and Heike Snyder
Norman Myers by Christopher and Michelle Koop
Norman Myers by Yoder
Norman Myers by Northcrest Shopping Center
Norman Myers by Josephine Reich
Deloris Fiedler by Tom and Carol Woodfin
Marilyn Waggoner by Ed and Vonda Treace
Marilyn Waggoner by Marcia Cook
Marilyn Waggoner by Barbara Morsches
Deloris Fiedler by PaulineDaly
Robert Filus by Jeffrey and KaySchlegel
Henrietta Stamm by MargieGuinn
Earl Torrence by Roger and PhyllisWills
Barbara Hershberger by JanGillie
Barbara Hershberger by Scott and TerryGray
Keith Davis by YoshikoDavis
Keith Davis by John and GlennaMartin
Pamela Wood by LindaTobias
Pamela Wood by David and KathyTodoran
Pamela Wood by JudithSwager
Marilyn Schaab by BrendaPrange
Eugene and Shirley Winans by Paul and JackyHarman
Wanda Howell by JaneneSimmons
Wanda Howell by Mary AnnAldin
Helen Marie Archacki by Lewis and SusanStraw
Marilyn Schaab by Carl and LindaBower
Marilyn Schaab by James and SallyMowrer
Marilyn Schaab by Thomas and PatriciaSpencer
Marilyn Schaab by Elvis and BarbaraNetterville
Marilyn Schaab by JonellaSchaab
Marilyn Schaab by SCAN
Tonya King by Deborah Willig
Wanda McClain by Bonnie Kellams
Christine Fuller by Eilbacher Fletcher, LLP
Martin Fletcher by Susan Langas
Arthur "Dan" Aiken by Robert and Cheryl Walker
Deloris Fiedler by Steve and Pat Batchelder
Deloris Fiedler by Betsy Roth
Deloris Fiedler by Rebecca Clifton
Marilyn Schaab by Butler High School Class of 1952
Marilyn Schaab by Daniel and Candace Schaab

Want to help
homeless animals?


Our center is always on the lookout for supplies that will help keep our dogs and cats healthy, safe and happy. From food to toys, we welcome a number of items that will give our fur friends a comfortable lifestyle. Some items can be purchased directly from our wishlist on Just follow the links.

Special Enrichment Items
• Training dog treats
• Soft dog treats
• Adaptil and feliway in spray bottle
• Feliway plug-in diffuser with refills
• Peanut butter

Housekeeping Needs
• Batteries
• Disinfectant spray such as Lysol
• Hand sanitizer
• Dish detergent
• 39 gal or larger trash bags
• Tall kitchen trash bags
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper
• Resealable plastic bags - quart or gallon size
• 4” x 4” gauze pads

Office Needs
• Postage stamps
• Address labels- white 1" x 2 5/8"
• White & color copy paper
• Duct tape
• Zip ties - medium/heavy duty
• Radient space heater for the feline isolation unit

Cat & Dog Needs
• Box lids from copy paper cases (for disposable litter boxes)
• Heavy weight paper bowls for medication
• Egg cartons
• Dog squeaky toys
• Martingale-style collars (medium & large sizes)
• Kennel slipleads
Stainless steel pet pails
• Made in the USA rawhide chews
Kuranda dog beds
Kuranda Vinyl cat perches
Screw on cage food & water bowls
Disposable cat scratchers
• Covered cat play houses (no carpeting)
Kitty condos
Kitty Kongs
• Gift cards to PETCO, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, & Green DogGoods

Our Cat & Dog Food
We feed our dogs and cats the following food while in our care.
• Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin (cats & dogs)
• Science Diet Puppy Healthy Growth
• Science Diet Kitten Food
• Science Diet canned kitten & adult cat food

For Our Community Pet Food Donation program
• Dog and cat food, dry or canned

• Aluminum cans, cell phones, laptops, iPods, empty ink & toner cartridges

* We do not take comforters or pillows. (Some of our dogs like to chew the stuffing out of them.)

Donations may be dropped off during our regular business hours.


Article written by volunteer Debra Lockhart

I’ve been volunteering with a local rescue for about a year now and have loved every minute of it. In the past year, I’ve transported dogs, helped rescue dogs off of a chain, helped a dog give birth, adopted and said goodbye as some of my favorites have found their forever home. I’ve gotten to know some dogs more than others and have cheered nearly every adoption and only shed a tear or two for a few who have especially touched me in some way.

Still, there was something missing. This rescue is foster based, and at this time that is the one thing I’m not able to do, so most of my interactions come from adoption events or transport services. If I could bring my dog to work with me things might be different, because sometimes you just need to hug a dog or play with a kitty, so I began volunteering at our local SPCA. I figured that they were located close enough to my office that I could spend a lunch hour or two each week relaxing in the company of a furry little friend under the guise of helping them while in all actuality, reaping the benefits that come with cuddling a pet. Orientation was in two parts so after part one, I was able to ‘socialize with cats’ and I spent a good portion of a lunch hour on the floor of a kitty room getting and giving some soft purr-y love.

Part two allowed us to interact with the dogs and there was a special boy whom I met at both orientations and I was eager to go back and really interact with him on my first “dog day.” Its funny how a dog (or any animal, really) can grab your heartstrings and how it varies from person to person as to who that special furry pal may be. A fellow volunteer nudged me and pointed at a dog, “That’s my dog. I’m going to adopt that one.” “Hmmm, cute dog, nothing special,” I thought. He or she was the kind of dog I might not have given a second glance at if I weren’t here to generally socialize with the dogs.

In the kennel next to “her dog” was the special someone who had me at first glance. Truth be told, “special boy” is not usually someone who would grab my attention… except he did. He was just a medium sized dog, medium hair, medium build but with a deep chest and funny white paws that were too big for his body. (As a further testament to how perception skews what we actually see, he is listed as a large dog with long hair.) There was nothing exceptional… but his eyes. Ah, those soulful cinnamon eyes peering at me over the chew toy he hopefully offered me, they had me at hello.

article continued...


Northern Indiana Pet Expo
April 21 & 22
11 AM - 4 PM
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Click here for details.



Corporate Partners

To join these companies in support of the Allen County SPCA email Melissa.

Subaru of Fort Wayne
Heritage Parts
Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort
Bush's Best
Cinda b
McMahon's Best One
Stewart Brimner Peters Insurance
Kelli Southern State Farm
Digital Communications

Dog Guard