We acknowledge those who recently passed and remembered the Allen County SPCA in their memorials. We thank their friends and family who honored their memory with a donation to the Allen County SPCA. Their dedication to our mission is the foundation for our work here.

In Memory Of Our Pets

3-14-17 thru 5-31-17

Bandit beloved dog of Craig and Heather Walters by Ford, Dell
Bear, beloved pet by Sauve, James and Eve / Sauve, James
Betsy, beloved cat by Wade, Norman
Bluebell, beloved cat by Rosemarie Bostelman
Bozo, beloved pet of Hema Sawhney
CJ by Wilson, Bradley and Cindy
Colette, beloved cat of Dr. Amy Thomas by William Jones
Dagney, beloved cat of the Foster Family by St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Dakota, beloved dog by Cindy Daly
Doodles, beloved dog of the Fritcha Family by St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Finnegan, beloved dog by Carol Bennett Rhodes
Frisbee, loving dog of the Mauzy Family by Kathleen Bailey
Greece by John and Patricia Weicker
Gus, beloved granddog of Janeen Peters
Hope, beloved cat by Julie and Joseph Knezovich
Indica, beloved dog of Judith Platz by John and Patricia Weicker
Jack, beloved pet by Kenneth Branning
Libby, beloved dog of the Fitch Family by St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Liberty and Pepe Zent, beloved pets of Paula and Barney Zent by Susan Huth-Beckley, Susan and Nol Beckley
Lincoln, beloved dog of Kathi Wise by Rosemarie Bostelman
Missy, beloved cat of the Becker Family by St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Moo-Moo, beloved guinea pig by Beth Lauer
Nadia, beloved dog of Terah Brogan by David and Karen Skelton
Ragnar, beloved dog by Robert and Diane Kimmel
Sadie, beloved dog of the Gane Family by St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Sassy, beloved dog of the Andrew Family by St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Soxie, beloved cat by Brian and Deb Hart
Sweetie, beloved cat of the Vanderpool Family by St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Tater, beloved dog by St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
Tippy, beloved dog of Deb Lambert by Lambert College Coaching/Dan Lambert
Tyson, beloved dog by Bradley and Cindy Wilson

In Honor Of Our Pets

3-14-17 thru 5-31-17

Little “Lady”, beloved pet by Susan Lehman
Carmel Macchiato, beloved pet by Karilee Johnson
Henri Thomas Shrub, beloved cat by Sarah Wedaman

In Honor Of

3-14-17 thru 5-31-17

Amaia Smith-Fehlner by Stacy Erickson-Pesetski
Bryson’s 1st birthday by Anthony Dennis Anthony
Eamonn Keane by Darlene Lee
Joni Dick by Anna Dick
Mary Carney by the Ladd Family
Retta, on the anniversary of adoption by Walter and Beverly Rieger

In Memory Of

3-14-17 thru 5-31-17

Helen Ahlersmeyer by Tom and Barb Goes
Linda Babcock by Adecco Personnel Services
Jane Beauchot (Hughes) by Paulana Beerman
Jane Beauchot by Herbert and Donna Rosefield
Jane Beauchot by Robert and Brenda Hughes
John Brandon by Augie and Linda Segyde
John Brandon by BMC, Inc
John Brandon by Patrick and Patricia Kiel
Thomas Broyles by Jacqueline Plasterer
Solomon Buchanan by Rosemarie Bostelman
Julie Charlton by Heather King
Allegra “Sue” Chevillet by Pam Anspaugh
Sue Chevillet by Erin and Kelly Rebarge
Sue Chevillet by Heidy and Neil Rexroth
Sue Chevillet by Patrick and Deborah Hayes
Sue Chevillet by Ronald and Lynda Sleeper
Sue Chevillet by Jeffrey and Jill Hoelle
Sue Chevillet by Linda Renner
Sue Chevillet by John and Linda Ramey
Sue Chevillet by Gary and Sherri Sible
Sue Chevillet by Colleen Biddlecome
Sue Chevillet by Kevin Ferguson
Sue Chevillet by David and Malinda Palmer
Marvin Deeg by Mike & Cindy Maxwell
Marvin Deeg by Lisa Ness
Marvin Deeg by Scott Bell
Gregory Stephen Dietrich II by Elizabeth Garro
Robin Falzone by Mary Huntley
Alex Francis by John and Jody Long
Kenneth Fritz by Mitchell and Caroline Schwass
Kenneth Fritz by James Hatfield
Kenneth Fritz by Linda Lallow
Kenneth Fritz by Nancy Hope
Kenneth Fritz by Pamella Hudson
Kenneth Fritz by Maureen Arata
Kenneth Fritz by Bernadine Beavans
Kenneth Fritz by Jeffrey and Elizabeth Garr
Kenneth Fritz by Marcia Fritz
John Gaughan by John and Patricia Weicker
Fern Green by Donna Rockey
Peggy Griffin by Janet Griffin
Sally Hake by Jim and Betsy Till
Sally Hake by Mark and Mindy Thoma
Sally Hake by John and Molly Faylor
Sally Hake by Robert and Debbie Arnold
Sally Hake by Lynette and Matthew Meiser
Sally Hake by William Ulrich
Sally Hake by Daniel and Leah Gabrek
Sally Hake by Andrew and Karen Morthorst
Sally Hake by Robert and Roberta Hortsmeyer
Barbara Hershberg by Joshua Gelman
Barbara Hershberger by Joan Gelman
Barbara Hershberger by Michael Norton
Barbara Hershberger by Lisa McCoy
Nelson Hornick by John, Angela and Zerl Malay) John Malay
Nelson Hornick by Lori Malay and Frank McCutcheon
Helen Johns by Carol Stephens
Nora Shirk-Kauder by Anonymous Donors
Dorothy LeFever by Charles and Teresa Todd
Dorothy LeFever by Daniel Rooney and Sherry Slater
Dorothy LeFever by Rick and Rhonda Sleesman
Stacy Langmeyer by Matthew Rice
Jenna Leakey by Katherine Franson
Jenna Leakey by Dan and Diane Nichols
Robert Love by Steven and Janet Powe
Robert Love by Harold and Bonnie Love
Robert Love by Robert and Peggy Wetzel
Robert Love by Elizabeth Aumiller
Robert Love by R.J. and Susan Van Every
Robert Love by Dewayne and Helen Stienbarger
Robert Love by Daniel and Linda Love
Sandra Lux by The Encore Club
Laura Joyce Marcom by David and Sheryl Avery
Laura Marcom by Randi Marcom
Laura Marcom by Patricia Deventer
Laura Marcom by Colligan & Company
Elaine Martin by Sarah Metcalf
Harold McCard by Danny and Margo Phillips
Harold McCard by George and Deb Mason
Harold McCard by Alice McDonald
Harold McCard by Cathryn Bell
Harold McCard by Judith and Gary Terrell
Harold McCard by Barbara Pusateri
Chris Mitoraj by Michael and Susan Evans
Chris Mitoraj by Silvia Smith
Christopher Mitoraj by Linda Elward
Christopher Mitoraj by Pam Evans Mitoraj
Christopher Mitoraj by John Martin
Christopher Mitoraj by Maxine Stovall
Elvedin Puljic by Nicole Wolfe
Elvedin Puljic by Anonymous Donors
Elvedin Puljic by Materic Family
Elvedin Puljic by Anonymous Donors
Elvedin Puljic by Jared and Maja Ball
Elvedin Puljic by Jim and JoAnne Soest
Steve L. Schaefer by Lori Malay and Frank McCutcheon
Colter Schlatter by Vesta Mauch
Colter Schlatter by Jim and Joan Lehman
Colter Schlatter by Eric and Laura Eme
Colter Schlatter by Valerie Noll
Colter Schlatter by Larry and Linda Kiemfer
Colter Schlatter by Julie Williams
Colter Schlatter by Jennifer Ceccanese
Colter Schlatter by Gene and Janet Dirig
Colter Schlatter by Terry and JoAnn Harding
Colter Schlatter by Tamirah Gfell
Colter Schlatter by Scott McAlister
Colter Schlatter by Matt, Carrie, and Emma Jones
Colter Schlatter by Tom and Linda Manning
Colter Schlatter by John and Jeanne Schnett
Colter Schlatter by Rose Britton
Colter Schlatter by Timothy and Annette Dickmeyer
Colter Schlatter by Diana Pierce
Colter Schlatter by Stacey Stumpf
Colter Schlatter by Russell and Dee Ann Kumfer
Colter Schlatter by Patrick and Judy Ormiston
Colter Schlatter by Margaret Didrick
Colter Schlatter by Rebecca and Stuart Durnell
Colter Schlatter by Mark and Susan Henschen
Colter Schlatter by Mary and Joe Delarosa
Colter Schlatter by Alan & Lynn Weimer
Colter Schlatter by George and Linda Bewley
Colter Schlatter by Robert and Vicki Fecher
Colter Schlatter by Daniel and Linda Seal
Colter Schlatter by Jeffrey and Peggy Heinze
Colter Schlatter by Mart and Vicki Henry Mart
Colter Schlatter by Chad Henemyer
Colter Schlatter by James and Mary Brainerd
Colter Schlatter by Tierra Monroe
Colter Schlatter by Pete and Christine Mallers
Colter Schlatter by Sarai Spears Wells and Kevin Wells
Colter Schlatter by Cynthia Nichiporuk
Colter Schlatter by Charles and Deborah Zumbrun
Colter Schlatter by Nancy Saff
Colter Schlatter by Ronald and Amelia Paskins
Colter Schlatter by Dennis and Sandra Miles
Pam Schumann by Donald Swank
Pam Schumann by Larry and Mary Ann Banister
Pam Schumann by Charles and Karen Harris)
Pam Schumann by Genie Gard
Pamela Schumann by Heather Lauer
Dorothy Putt Scott by Steve and Nancy Thrush
Dorothy Putt Scott by Jeff and Jessica Scott
Dorothy Scott by Lousie McComb
Dorothy Scott by Teresa and Scott Akey
John Steinkamp by Kayla Stewart
John Steinkamp by Carol Bennett Rhodes
John Steinkamp by J. Michael and Jan Keefer
John Steinkamp by Robert and Loretta Scott
John Steinkamp by Elizabeth Frederick
John Steinkamp by Timothy Gaskill
John Steinkamp by Debbie Kirkwood
John Steinkamp by Thomas and Jean Clagg
John Steinkamp by Barbara Hoyt
John Steinkamp by Nucor Building Systems
John Steinkamp by Jack Hunter
Billie Stephens by Bill and Kathy Graney
Billie Stephens by Lee and Connie Garber
Billie Stephens by Mike and Betsy Gibson
Billie Stephens by Jane Savers
Billie Stephens by Johnny Sierra
Billie Stephens by Colette Bell
Billie Stephens by Karl and Georgie Bredemeyer
Billie Stephens by Rochele Lovell
Billie Stephens by Linda Burtzner
Billie Stephens by Kenneth and Sharon Emrigh
Billie Stephens by Vicki Himes
Kay Stinson by James and Julie Thessin
Kay Stinson by Kay Stinson
Bonnie Stout by Matthew Stout
Bonnie Stout by Jerry Reynolds
Bonnie Stout by Michael and Lois Freese and Kim Degennaro
Bonnie Stout by Matt and Terri Feasel
Bonnie Stout by Paul and Bonnie Moore
Bonnie Stout by Kenneth and Linda Kuk
Bonnie Stout by James Fanger
William Treace by Leslie Miller
William Treace by Jane Waggoner
William Treace by William and Shirley McClure
William Treace by Lawrence and Kimberly Stickell
William Treace by Richard and Joy Andre
Pam Whitestine by Kenton and Janet Howenstine
Gary Wood by Jean Clifton
Gary Wood by Bobbi Bernard
Gary Wood by Tom and Jill Fisher
Gary Wood by Robert and Nancy Vasquez
Gary Wood by Judy Furge
Gary Wood by Melanie Starneri
Kenneth Zimmerman by Debra Harman

Want to help
homeless animals?


Our center is always on the lookout for supplies that will help keep our dogs and cats healthy, safe and happy. From food to toys, we welcome a number of items that will give our fur friends a comfortable lifestyle. Some items can be purchased directly from our wishlist on Just follow the links.

Special Needs
• Multi-cat enclosed playpen/cage
Dog agility equipment set

Special Enrichment Items
• Training dog treats
• Soft dog treats
• Adaptil and feliway in spray bottle
• Feliway plug-in diffuser with refills
• Peanut butter

Housekeeping Needs
• Batteries
• Disinfectant spray such as Lysol
• Hand sanitizer
• Dish detergent
• 39 gal or larger trash bags
• Tall kitchen trash bags
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper
• Resealable plastic bags - quart or gallon size
• 4” x 4” gauze pads

Office Needs
• Postage stamps
• Address labels- white 1" x 2 5/8"
• White & color copy paper
• Duct tape
• Zip ties - medium/heavy duty
• Radient space heater for the feline isolation unit

Cat & Dog Needs
• Box lids from copy paper cases (for disposable litter boxes)
• Heavy weight paper bowls for medication
• Egg cartons
• Dog squeaky toys
• Martingale-style collars (medium & large sizes)
• Kennel slipleads
Stainless steel pet pails
• Made in the USA rawhide chews
Kuranda dog beds
Kuranda Vinyl cat perches
Screw on cage food & water bowls
Disposable cat scratchers
• Covered cat play houses (no carpeting)
Kitty condos
Kitty Kongs
• Gift cards to PETCO, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, & Green DogGoods

Our Cat & Dog Food
We feed our dogs and cats the following food while in our care.
• Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin (cats & dogs)
• Science Diet Puppy Healthy Growth
• Science Diet Kitten Food
• Science Diet canned kitten & adult cat food

For Our Community Pet Food Donation program
• Dog and cat food, dry or canned

• Aluminum cans, cell phones, laptops, iPods, empty ink & toner cartridges

* We do not take comforters or pillows. (Some of our dogs like to chew the stuffing out of them.)

Donations may be dropped off during our regular business hours.


Article written by volunteer Debra Lockhart

I’ve been volunteering with a local rescue for about a year now and have loved every minute of it. In the past year, I’ve transported dogs, helped rescue dogs off of a chain, helped a dog give birth, adopted and said goodbye as some of my favorites have found their forever home. I’ve gotten to know some dogs more than others and have cheered nearly every adoption and only shed a tear or two for a few who have especially touched me in some way.

Still, there was something missing. This rescue is foster based, and at this time that is the one thing I’m not able to do, so most of my interactions come from adoption events or transport services. If I could bring my dog to work with me things might be different, because sometimes you just need to hug a dog or play with a kitty, so I began volunteering at our local SPCA. I figured that they were located close enough to my office that I could spend a lunch hour or two each week relaxing in the company of a furry little friend under the guise of helping them while in all actuality, reaping the benefits that come with cuddling a pet. Orientation was in two parts so after part one, I was able to ‘socialize with cats’ and I spent a good portion of a lunch hour on the floor of a kitty room getting and giving some soft purr-y love.

Part two allowed us to interact with the dogs and there was a special boy whom I met at both orientations and I was eager to go back and really interact with him on my first “dog day.” Its funny how a dog (or any animal, really) can grab your heartstrings and how it varies from person to person as to who that special furry pal may be. A fellow volunteer nudged me and pointed at a dog, “That’s my dog. I’m going to adopt that one.” “Hmmm, cute dog, nothing special,” I thought. He or she was the kind of dog I might not have given a second glance at if I weren’t here to generally socialize with the dogs.

In the kennel next to “her dog” was the special someone who had me at first glance. Truth be told, “special boy” is not usually someone who would grab my attention… except he did. He was just a medium sized dog, medium hair, medium build but with a deep chest and funny white paws that were too big for his body. (As a further testament to how perception skews what we actually see, he is listed as a large dog with long hair.) There was nothing exceptional… but his eyes. Ah, those soulful cinnamon eyes peering at me over the chew toy he hopefully offered me, they had me at hello.

article continued...


Black Friday
FREE Adoptions!
November 21
Noon - 4:00 PM
Bob Rohrman Subaru of Fort Wayne
502 W. Coliseum Blvd.

Pawject Runway
February 24, 2018
6 PM Cocktail Hour
7 PM Runway Competition
Ramada Place Fort Wayne Hotel
Click here for details.

Northern Indiana Pet Expo
April 21 & 22
11 AM - 4 PM
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Click here for details.